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A Crisis of Consensus — Lest We Forget

By Jason Menard

On this day, we remember those who came before us and fought for our way of life — our right to exist as Canadians. It is one day that, regardless of one’s political stripe, we come together as a nation under a common belief — to support our veterans.

And it’s an increasingly rare occurrence in this great nation of ours. Continue reading

Enough is Enough an Insult to Those Who Drew Strength from Lance

By Jason Menard

It’s too tough. I’m going to pack up my bags and go home.

Yeah, that sounds like Lance Armstrong. You know, the man who for years embodied perseverance, fighting against the odds and winning. Those words are the words of a man who survived cancer and came back to win seven Tour de France titles.

If that doesn’t define a man who folds when things get tough, then I don’t know what does. Continue reading

The Cost of Speaking First May Compromise Value of Our Voice

By Jason Menard

Social networking can be a wonderful tool, but like any tool it needs to be used appropriately. It’s easy to make a façade look great, but it takes time and proper application of the tools to make the foundation sturdy – and that’s something that often gets lost in this instant gratification/first-to-post society.

It has created an interesting paradox: access to information has never been easier or faster; but access to context requires more effort than ever. Continue reading