About the M-Dash

The M-Dash offers a collection of columns, articles, and blog posts penned by Jay Menard. It focuses on modern business communications, social media, sports, and politics, along with a healthy dose of examining every day life.

The M-Dash is committed to starting and maintaining the Campaign for Real Words. Biz speak and superfluous text have long sabotaged good writing — especially when it comes to business communications. Menard believes that honesty, openness and transparency are the hallmarks of any good corporate strategy — both internally and externally.

Looking at the other aspects of life, Menard applies a common sense for an uncommon world approach to his commentary. You won’t find needless hyperbole, you won’t find ESPN-anchor-eque inane speech. What you’ll find is well-thought-out opinion. You may agree, you may not — and that’s what the comments are for!

Who is Jay Menard?

Jason Menard is a London-Ontario-based writer/editor who works full-time in the world of corporate communications. Menard moonlights as a writer for Hockey’s Future in addition to freelancing to other publications and serving as the occasional fill-in host for local radio. Menard has a history in corporate communications, writing, editing, print, Web, and radio. He also has a passion for photography and is getting better all the time!

Why the M-Dash?

Three reasons.

One: A few years ago I went to the funeral of a friend’s mother (who was a much-appreciated fan of my work as an Ink Blog writer for the London Free Press). At the funeral, the officiant spoke of the importance of the dash. When we die, there’s a date of birth, a dash, and a date of passing. Our lives make up the dash.

That’s what this site wants to explore and celebrate — the dash.

Two: The em-dash is a symbol used in writing: the two lines joined together.

Three: My last name’s Menard. It starts with an M.

Put it all together and you have the M-Dash!

Feel free to contact me at any time at jaymenard@gmail.com. I’m also on Facebook and Twitter.

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