London Fringe 2018: Mark Toland: Mind Reader – A Night of Wonder and Mystery

By Jay Menard

Mark Toland is quick to tell you what his “powers” aren’t — he’s not psychic. Instead, he’s an astute people watcher who has honed his talent and gift to the point where you’re going to enjoy a magical experience each and every night.

Toland asks specifically that people do not share too much of the show, as he wants to preserve the mystery. And it’s a request we’re all too happy to honour, because this is a show that defies description and must be experienced.

Toland is wonderfully self-effacing and conversational. He doesn’t approach his show as a spectacle, but rather embraces the audience and brings them into the conversation. We’re brought in close — but not close enough to be told the secrets — which makes the wonder and mystery all the more impressive. We are part of the show, we know we’re not “plants,” and we’re involved with the trick — but, for the life of us, we can’t understand how it’s done.

I will honour Toland’s request to not say much about what happened during the show, other than to say that there were countless gasps, a few shocked expressions, and more than a few “no f*in way”s.

Toland is at the top of his game and it’s an experience just to watch him play the audience. You won’t regret being a willing participant in Toland’s mind games.


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