London Fringe 2018: Fraser the Hypnotist Presents Life Happens – Gentle Fun at the Expense of Others’ Influences

By Jay Menard

For an hour-and-a-half, Fraser Frase takes attendees on a journey of the mind — with some heavy suggestions guiding them there. In the end, the result is a hilarious show where the audience are the stars as he guides hypnotized participants through a variety of actions, visions, and even celebrity encounters.

To be fair, I did spend the about 15 minutes of the show with my eyes closed. I never got hypnotized, but I was put through the process. And during that “hypnotic vetting period,” the action amongst the crowd is likely less exciting than what the candidates experience. But overall, it’s a lot of fun.

Fraser begins the show with some traditional mentalism using envelopes, cards, and staplers. And then he moves into the meat of the show. Fraser starts with 15 people on stage and slowly whittles the crowd down to a more susceptible number — in our case, there were four remaining.

The cast is put through the wringer, but in a fun and endearing way. They’re made to see celebrity crushes, play with imaginary animals, and explore other assorted characters. There’s a touch of adult themes — but nothing that’s going to embarrass the participants. The only thing that’s probably not tailored for a 2018 audience is encouraging a hypnotized participant to speak “Chinese.” That might have the potential to be offensive to some.

But otherwise, it’s an exciting, entertaining, and belly laugh inducing show — with the right “victims.”

There’s nothing particularly new with Fraser’s show, but there’s something to be said for mentalism done well. It’s a great deal of fun and if you attend, make sure to bring your friends — after all, if you can’t be laughed at yourself…

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