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Enough is Enough an Insult to Those Who Drew Strength from Lance

By Jason Menard

It’s too tough. I’m going to pack up my bags and go home.

Yeah, that sounds like Lance Armstrong. You know, the man who for years embodied perseverance, fighting against the odds and winning. Those words are the words of a man who survived cancer and came back to win seven Tour de France titles.

If that doesn’t define a man who folds when things get tough, then I don’t know what does. Continue reading

Another Day, Another Drug

By Jason Menard

The latest news that Alberto Contador has allegedly tested positive for something doesn’t just add another nail in cycling’s coffin – at this point, the sports’ credibility is buried under so many lies, speculation, innuendo, and – of course – positive tests, that it’s hard for anyone to care any more. Continue reading