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Finding the Right Steps in the White Guy Linguistic Jig

By Jason Menard

I’m all in favour of using appropriate language. I also strongly believe that the words we choose can harm – and that we should never be careless with our speech. Unfortunately, I hate the White Guy Linguistic Jig that it can sometimes create.

It’s not restricted to white guys, of course. But we’re just so darn good at it! Continue reading

Glib Death Posts Kill Potentially Good Intentions

By Jason Menard

Tweet with the reaper and don’t be surprised if your intent gets corrupted.

Death is nothing to be taken lightly. Just ask Huffington Post writer Tricia Fox or Microsoft who have recently faced criticism over their desire to tie in content to the death of singer Amy Winehouse.  Continue reading

I Swear! Language Matters

By Jason Menard

They’re powerful words designed to provoke a reaction. For some, that reaction is shock, for others its indifference, whilst some feel revulsion. But the biggest risk with swearing is that words used for emphasis can actually diminish your overall credibility.

I recently received a comment from a reader of this blog who started off his diatribe with “You guys need to get your fucking facts straight before you put shit like this on the internet…”  Continue reading

Narcissism, Exhibitionism? For Whom Do We Create?

By Jason Menard

Would Narcissus tweet?

The answer is clearly no (we’ll get to that at the bottom), but the question is relevant when we look at our motivations for using social media.

Sure, there are those who choose to stay on the periphery of social media. They may check their Facebook accounts once in a blue moon, or watch the odd YouTube video. However, others of us are more involved in it – we actively update our Facebook profiles, Tweet regularly, post blogs, and share content across any number of platforms. Continue reading

The Writer’s Lament

By Jason Menard

Fishermen aren’t the only people who lament the one that got away. For those of us in writing/editing positions, the one that got away is not just a reality — it’s a daily fear with which we live every day.

The one that got away, for writers and editors, is the dreaded mistake. It’s the misspelled word, the misplaced letter, or — most recently in my case — the word that eluded the delete key in a sentence that underwent one-too-many revisions. Continue reading

Socialist Media or Capitalist Ideology? For Both Content Rules

By Jason Menard, 

Consider it a classic conundrum between capitalist ideals and social(ist) media – but no matter with which side you affiliate, quality content will always rule.

I saw both sides of the spectrum today: London Free Press reporter Kate Dubinski wrote a piece about the citizen journalist which I found betrayed a more-than-a-little condescending attitude towards bloggers and the like. At the very least, she is guilty of not displaying the balance that she advocates as a benefit of the newspaper industry, painting an awfully wide swath with one brush. Continue reading

Howett Shows How It Should Not be Done

By Jason Menard

To paraphrase Jon Lovitz, back when Saturday Night Live was good, we all just want to be loved, is that so wrong? And the answer, of course, is no – but it’s learning how to deal with those who aren’t your biggest fans that helps to define who you are.

For one author, her behaviour has made her the definition for What Not to Do. Continue reading