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The Real (Estate) Issue for Injection Site Wasn’t Location or NIMBYism

By Jay Menard

This past week, we saw a lot debate around the preferred location of a safe injection site that revolved around location, city building, convenience, and time, but that failed to address the primary need — that of the users who need support and resources.

Add to that facile Tweets, misinformation, and unrealistic timeframes for pseudo-public participation, and you had an environment that was custom-built to encourage failure.

The debate about a location for the safe injection site shouldn’t have been about NIMBYism. But, in many cases, that’s what it devolved into. For those who are quick to cast aspersions on-line, it’s an easier narrative. It’s also a false one — and the fact of the matter is that location is only at the surface of the challenge.

We need to ensure we look at the facts, not just a map, to deliver the best solution for those who need it most. Continue reading

No Panacea, but a Placebo May Help Downtown, OEV

By Jason Menard

I love downtown. I enjoy working downtown, I enjoy playing downtown, and I enjoy eating downtown. But I also understand why so many don’t.

More importantly, I respect their right to have that opinion.

For downtown to succeed, some people need to get off their high horses and try a little understanding. But it’s likely not the people you think. Continue reading

Betting on London’s Future? Let’s Gamble Responsibly

By Jason Menard

Supporting a casino doesn’t mean you’re doubling down on vice. Nor do we need to hedge our bets. Instead, if we gamble responsibly, a new casino could be a productive addition to our community.

But to make this a winning hand, we have to make sure we’re playing the right game at the right table. Continue reading

Enough is Enough an Insult to Those Who Drew Strength from Lance

By Jason Menard

It’s too tough. I’m going to pack up my bags and go home.

Yeah, that sounds like Lance Armstrong. You know, the man who for years embodied perseverance, fighting against the odds and winning. Those words are the words of a man who survived cancer and came back to win seven Tour de France titles.

If that doesn’t define a man who folds when things get tough, then I don’t know what does. Continue reading

Toronto Must Learn About Daniel Desrochers Following Eaton Centre Shooting

By Jason Menard

The people of Toronto would be well-served by thinking of the yet-unidentified 13-year-old boy, shot in an alleged gang-related gun spree on Friday at the Eaton Centre, as a modern-day Daniel Desrochers.

After all, there are a lot of parallels between these two cases – and, hopefully, the impact they will both have on society at large will also be similar. Continue reading