With 20 years of experience ranging from sports reporting, to medical writing, to business commentary, both in Web and print, I love letting people tell their stories in an entertaining and engaging way.

This site serves, in part, as a showcase of my writing and commentary, but I’ve also developed an extensive writing portfolio with experience in the following:

  • News reporting;
  • Sports reporting (including hockey and football beat reporting);
  • Editorial and commentary;
  • Medical writing;
  • Business and communications analysis and commentary;
  • Social media writing; and
  • Magazine feature writing

In addition, I’ve worked in talk radio as a fill-in host, I have done some voice-over work, and I’ve been part of a weekly podcast.

Simply put, I love to write and I feel that passion shows in my work. Most importantly, I hold fast to a belief in treating each and every story I write with the utmost of respect. Whether it’s a political analysis or a ribbon-cutting ceremony, that story is the most important thing to someone — and I believe that it should be treated as such.

Contact me to learn more.

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