Here is a selection of some must-read sites by people that I’ve had the honour of working with, working for, or whom I’ve had the pleasure of learning from over the years.

Check back often as this list will continue to grow. And if I’ve neglected to include you (or if you have a suggestion), feel free to e-mail me at

Links You Must Visit. Now!

A.C. Riley Communications: A Montreal-area-based communications expert who continually amazes me with her creativity and knowledge.

Beth Dornan’s Place and Hodgepodge: Two for the price of one! Check out the work of one of the best corporate bloggers I know, Beth Dornan. Combining savvy insight on the business world with caring for her family and the community, Beth’s blogs are must reading for those who want to learn about the human side of business.

Cindy Droog: If there’s one person responsible for starting me off in Social Media, it would be Cindy who has supported my corporate efforts since day one. Her blog combines a look at the business world with a side order of family observations.

Cool Blog Name to Come: The London Free Press’ Dan Brown pens this highly entertaining look at London, popular culture, and life in general. Dan strongly encourages reader involvement in his blog and allows people to vent through his regular Friday defrag!

Corporate Hallucinations: Who says biz writing has to be dry? Steve is another kindred soul I met at a conference and he takes a hilariously raw approach to business communications.

Dino Baskovic Can’t Lose: A unique blog (and I mean that in a good way, not the trying-to-find-a-nice-thing-to-say-so-I’ll-use-unique way) that filters the world through the social media prism.

Kenneth Hemmerick: I invite you to explore Kenneth’s work, a Montreal-based interdisciplinary fine artist, whose talent is only exceeded by his generosity and compassion for his fellow man. Kenneth has also taken an active role within the International Association for Suicide Prevention.

Klanac Industries: Bob used to be the music and events guru at Western back in my Gazette days. Now he shares his insightful, witty, and passionate musings on music with a much larger audience!

Leonard Malizia Foundation: My cousin Leonard passed away in 2005 far too young and far too unexpectedly. Since then, his brother Peter, his family, and his wife have hosted a number of fund-raising events to raise money in support of the gastroenterology initiatives at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal.

London in the Afternoon — Al Coombs’ Blog: New dad and man responsible for all that dope producin’ (to borrow a phrase from NWA) of CJBK AM 1290’s afternoon show, entertains and educates (edutains, if you will) with observations about sports, London’s idiosyncrasies, and life in general.

Marketing in a Social Age: Hogtown-based Web guru Karim Kanji is the king of all things Social Media in Toronto. But don’t hold where he lives against him. Great reading for today’s marketers.

Mike Hogue: Mike is an extremely talented artist and illustrator who spent hours of our high school existence entertaining us with his work. He’s gone on to greater things, including publishing newt and john, so please check him out when you get the chance.

Montreal Mystique: A friend from way back in our Rouge days reminds me every day why I miss Montreal so.

Nik At Nite: In my opinion, the world’s best TV writer — and the world’s foremost expert on all things Lost and Buffy! For those who think TV’s a waste of time, Nikki’s blog is a must-read as it combines intelligence, warmth, and a depth of analysis unlike any other in the medium.

Popped Culture: Jeremy Barker is a child of the 80’s and presents an always-funny, often-profound look at the world of popular culture. Your one-stop shop if you’re in need of a laugh.

Ragan Communications: Years ago I attended one of their conferences and found kindred spirits in the war against bad corporate communications. I remain a faithful advocate of their message.

Rouge Radio: I first worked with Jason Sperling many moons ago with the Rouge on-line magazine covering Montreal’s CFL franchise. While the Rouge has gone the way of the dodo, Rouge Radio has risen like a phoenix (or, perhaps, an Alouette?) from its ashes. If you love Canadian football (and you should!), then this is a must-listen site each and every week.

Spector’s Hockey: Just because you’re stuck on tiny little Prince Edward Island doesn’t mean you can’t have your finger on the pulse of the NHL! My old friend Lyle is the best in the biz — bar none.

SpiNerd: Displaced Montrealer, now living (unfortunately) near that metropolis (I was going to say soulless metropolis, but why pile on) known as Toronto, Scott Pinard discusses home and work life.

Written Inc.: Amazing photos? Check. World-class technological insight? Check. Combining the aforementioned with a heartfelt warmth rarely seen in the industry? Check. A fellow former Ink Blogger who is taking the media world by storm!

Friends in Business (No, That’s Not an Oxymoron)

Day2Knight Events: London, ON-based company, founded and operated by Dan Knight, offers event and wedding planning services. He also has successfully supported fund-raising activities for various charitable organizations.

Evolve Solutions: Based out of Michigan, Douglas Kelly’s Web development company has worked with some of the regions (and world’s) top companies. Best of all, he’s personable, talented, and patient — heck, he put up with my inane questions when he helped me with North of the 49th.

Ice Cream Fitness Apparel: Brossard, QC-based Karen Massé offers you the opportunity to get hand-crafted, personalised athletic wear and fitness apparel. My daughter’s a huge fan!

Itty Bitty Greenie: Based out of Australia, Donna MacMullin specializes in ethical and eco-friendly baby and children’s clothing, toys, and other products.

l.a. mood: Sure, I haven’t been a comic-book buyer in a couple of decades, but I’ll stop in from time to time to see what’s what — often with my daughter in tow (I’m a Spider-Man fan; she’s more of the Betty & Veronica type) and Gord’s still got the best shop in town.

Write.On Communications: With offices in London, ON and Texas, Jill Ellis-Worthington,  a former special projects editor with the London Free Press, and her team offer a full range of communication services ranging from writing to publication.

People I Haven’t Worked With — But Hope to Get the Chance!

The following blogs are on my must-read list thanks to a combination of incredible writing, deft story-telling, and cutting-edge information in their fields of expertise.

Dischord: Patrick Pentland, the guitarist for Sloan and the driving force behind DT666, pens this insightful blog that combines an insider’s look at the music business with anecdotes from his personal life.

Doug Smith’s Toronto Raptors Blog: Formerly known as Nothing But Inter(Net), this blog’s title may be less dynamic, but his writing is out of this world. Whether or not you’re a hoops fan, Doug’s blog is a must-read thanks to his mix of sports and personal story-telling.

Peter King: Seemingly everywhere all at once, King’s football columns are the industry standard. Add to that his ability to weave in the everyday into what’s allegedly a football column and you have a wonderful read for even the most hardened anti-sporto.

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