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London Takes a New Name and Reveals its Red-Headed, Hoops-Playing Stepchild

By Jason Menard

For a city that’s trying to brand itself as the City of Champions, showing clear favoritism and treating an actual champion as the ugly red-headed stepchild is hardly winning behaviour.

The City of London recently decided to try branding itself as the City of Champions to coincide with an expected Memorial Cup victory. It sounds nice to say, but if you listen closely you’ll hear an echo as the name is totally hollow. Continue reading

Kuhnhackl Suspension Proves Stars Play By Same Rules; NHL Must Follow

By Jason Menard

Tom Kuhnhackl’s 20-game suspension couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

I mean that wholeheartedly and it’s reflective of a positive change in the Ontario Hockey League that holds everyone – stars and goons alike – accountable for their actions when it comes to head shots.

Minor leagues have often been the proving ground for changes that find their way to the big leagues. One can only hope that OHL commissioner David Branch’s hard-line on head shots will find its way to the NHL sooner rather than later. Continue reading

True Fans Remind Us That Games are Supposed to be Fun

By Jason Menard

In the song Coax Me, iconic Canadian band Sloan sang, “it’s not the band I hate, it’s their fans.” And while I normally feel the same about attending sporting events, last night I had the pleasure of sitting next to two people who reminded me of the joy that being a sports fan can hold. Continue reading