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NHL Player-Safety Words Ring Hollow In Light of NFL Bounty Punishment

By Jason Menard

Hey NHL! Your current commissioner was plucked from one of the other Big Four sports, so in the interest of protecting your players, is there any chance of history repeating itself and maybe importing the NFL’s Roger Goodell?

The reason? Instead of merely paying lip service to protecting players, Goodell’s words carry even more weight in light of the unprecedented penalties levied against the New Orleans Saints for its actions in creating – or inaction in preventing – a bounty program. Continue reading

Kuhnhackl Suspension Proves Stars Play By Same Rules; NHL Must Follow

By Jason Menard

Tom Kuhnhackl’s 20-game suspension couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

I mean that wholeheartedly and it’s reflective of a positive change in the Ontario Hockey League that holds everyone – stars and goons alike – accountable for their actions when it comes to head shots.

Minor leagues have often been the proving ground for changes that find their way to the big leagues. One can only hope that OHL commissioner David Branch’s hard-line on head shots will find its way to the NHL sooner rather than later. Continue reading

How Crosby’s Retirement, or Worse, Could Bring Out Best in NHL

By Jason Menard

For true fans of the game of hockey, the second-best thing in the world would be that Sidney Crosby is forced to retire at the age of 24 due to continuing concussion complications.

The only thing better? Crosby’s death.

Now, please, please, please realize that when I talk about what it would take to make things better, I’m doing so in true Swiftian, “A Modest Proposal” fashion. Continue reading

Penguin Needs to be Put on Ice

By Jason Menard

I don’t know if Matt Cooke is a bad man, an exceedingly stupid man, a phenomenally reckless man, or a combination of all three.

All I know is that he’s a man that should be on very thin ice in terms of continuing NHL employment. And that his current employer should be the one to toss him out first before the league’s administrators get to him. Continue reading