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Time to Occupy Reality or Live in Regret of a Wasted Opportunity

By Jason Menard

Put a bunch of kids in the middle of a field, attach them together, then tell them to run. What happens? Exactly the same thing that’s currently happening to Occupy London.

They run off in every direction, fall flat on the ground, and end up getting nowhere. Continue reading

In Bed with Anonymous? Occupiers will Screw Any Chance for Gaining Public Support

By Jason Menard

For a group that protests the monopoly that the few hold over the world’s finances, it seems to have little problem with asserting its monopoly on the concept of right. And if it accepts help from cyber-hacker group Anonymous, it’s effectively putting an end to any chance of gaining the public support the Occupy movement so desperately needs.

The Occupy London movement is currently working on its manifesto. But as we await London’s group’s next steps, we’ve recently received a threat by the self-professed hacktivist group Anonymous in anticipation of Toronto’s upcoming eviction of their Occupy group. Continue reading

Why Eviction Must Be Occupy London’s Eureka Moment

By Jason Menard

Newton’s First Law of Motion states, “Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.” Perhaps today’s threat of expulsion from Victoria Park may be the force that propels the Occupy London movement into doing something positive with the opportunity they’ve been given.

I truly want what I imagine Occupy London to mean to succeed. But the need to clarify that statement has been the organization’s biggest failing. Continue reading

How Occupy London Can Go About Occupying Londoners’ Hearts

By Jason Menard

Earlier this week, the Occupy London movement sent out a Tweet requesting help from more experienced volunteers to help them craft a message – which is a fantastic showing of self-awareness from this group as too much of their message is being defined by outside interests.

Occupy London is a polarizing group – and that polarization comes from their lack of anything tangible to which the average person can relate. You either agree that everything needs to change, or you see this as rudderless, aimless, misplaced, self-serving behaviour. Continue reading