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Why I Wear the Red Poppy

By Jason Menard

I wear a red poppy because at this time of year the symbol is not about me. It’s about those who have served and, in some cases, died fighting for this country.

The red poppy has become increasingly politicized over the years. There are those who choose to wear a white poppy to show their opposition to any armed conflict. The white poppy is used as an alternative emblem to show one’s preference for peace.

I respect that. And I share those ideals and beliefs, as I am staunchly anti-gun and see little need for war.

But I will always wear the red poppy. Continue reading

What’s Right?

By Jason Menard

What’s right?

We’re all very good at identifying what’s wrong, but very few seem to be able to define what’s right.

Oh, sure, there are people who will speak in vague terms: justice, fair wage, more support for social services, a more equal distribution of wealth. But no one has yet defined what’s right. Continue reading

Time to Occupy Reality or Live in Regret of a Wasted Opportunity

By Jason Menard

Put a bunch of kids in the middle of a field, attach them together, then tell them to run. What happens? Exactly the same thing that’s currently happening to Occupy London.

They run off in every direction, fall flat on the ground, and end up getting nowhere. Continue reading

Why Eviction Must Be Occupy London’s Eureka Moment

By Jason Menard

Newton’s First Law of Motion states, “Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.” Perhaps today’s threat of expulsion from Victoria Park may be the force that propels the Occupy London movement into doing something positive with the opportunity they’ve been given.

I truly want what I imagine Occupy London to mean to succeed. But the need to clarify that statement has been the organization’s biggest failing. Continue reading

The Slut Walk’s Wonderful — But Only for Those Who Already March in Step

By Jason Menard 

The Slut Walk will be taking place in London this weekend in an attempt to change some people’s perspectives, but no matter how long the skirts are, or how demure the dress code is, will it have an impact on the people for whom the display is intended?

London’s Slut Walk takes place on Sunday and it’s been designed to support a similar action in Toronto. This was all brought about by an ignorant statement by a member of the Toronto police who stated that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” Continue reading