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In Bed with Anonymous? Occupiers will Screw Any Chance for Gaining Public Support

By Jason Menard

For a group that protests the monopoly that the few hold over the world’s finances, it seems to have little problem with asserting its monopoly on the concept of right. And if it accepts help from cyber-hacker group Anonymous, it’s effectively putting an end to any chance of gaining the public support the Occupy movement so desperately needs.

The Occupy London movement is currently working on its manifesto. But as we await London’s group’s next steps, we’ve recently received a threat by the self-professed hacktivist group Anonymous in anticipation of Toronto’s upcoming eviction of their Occupy group. Continue reading

Anonymous Wasting Potential, Power Through Collateral Damage of Innocents

By Jason Menard

For an organization whose name reflects its desire to remain unidentified by the masses, Anonymous certainly seems to have no problem compromising the anonymity of the very people whose support it should be coveting. It’s not just the image of Guy Fawkes that Anonymous has assumed to represent itself — it’s also Fawkes’ disregard for the value of innocent bystanders.

Through their behaviour, Anonymous that it is far from the altruistic defenders of the Internet they’d like you to believe. Instead, they’re little more than extremely smart cyber bullies who think nothing of the collateral damage caused by their hacktivism. Continue reading