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Socialist Media or Capitalist Ideology? For Both Content Rules

By Jason Menard, 

Consider it a classic conundrum between capitalist ideals and social(ist) media – but no matter with which side you affiliate, quality content will always rule.

I saw both sides of the spectrum today: London Free Press reporter Kate Dubinski wrote a piece about the citizen journalist which I found betrayed a more-than-a-little condescending attitude towards bloggers and the like. At the very least, she is guilty of not displaying the balance that she advocates as a benefit of the newspaper industry, painting an awfully wide swath with one brush. Continue reading

Some Businesses Need a Kick in the Assets

By Jason Menard

To paraphrase John Hurt in the film The Elephant Man, “I am not a stakeholder, I am not an asset or a resource. I’m a human being. I… am… a… man.”

I’m Jay. Nice to meet you. However, if you go by the way businesses speak about its employees, one would think that people are no more important than the computer they’re working on, or the phone with which they’re calling you. Continue reading

Great Communication is Learned One Day at a Time, Not in One Day

By Jason Menard,

One day can help start you along the right path, but when it comes to learning how to effectively communicate, one day’s just enough time for you to learn how to firmly lodge your foot in your mouth.

Earlier today, I received an e-mail at work promoting a course that promised to teach you “How to be an Outstanding Communicator” in one day. And while normally I pay just enough attention to these e-mails – you know the ones you receive after attending one conference, and then you’re stuck in an e-mail list purgatory for years – to figure out what the course/conference topic is, and then file it under “G.”

However, this one struck me as particularly audacious. Or perhaps it’s just simple vanity – to suggest that a craft I’ve been trying to hone for two decades is something that can be mastered in a day bruised the ol’ ego. Continue reading

Two Weeks of Tiger Tweeting Show Honesty Still Not His Policy

By Jason Menard

Two weeks into Tiger Woods’ commitment to openness and fan interaction and it’s abundantly clear that honesty remains far from the best policy for the golfer and his public relations team.

If you’ve read any of my previous work relating to social media, you’ll know that I have a simple mantra — just because everyone can blog, tweet, or post on Facebook, doesn’t mean
they should. Continue reading

Business Needs to Understand the Rules to Play the Social Media Game

By Jason Menard,

The wonderful thing about working in communications is that it’s an ever-changing gig. Just when you think you have things figured out, something else pops up – and the whole game changes.

With that in mind, how do you know what rules to follow so that you – and your company – can win? Continue reading

Blunting Our Greatest Tool

By Jason Menard

Language is a wonderful thing. The very thought that you can string together completely random symbols and not only have them form a very real image in your mind, but all share that image with someone else is absolutely awe-inspiring.

After all, I can write c-a-t and you’ll probably have a fairly solid idea of the animal to which I’m referring. I can write those letters in seconds, yet convey a fully formed image. My other option would be to try to draw that animal. Maybe you’d get it right — chances are you’d be saying, “What’s that? A giraffe? A mongoose? A cowboy eating a hamburger on a pogo stick?” Continue reading

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