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Glib Death Posts Kill Potentially Good Intentions

By Jason Menard

Tweet with the reaper and don’t be surprised if your intent gets corrupted.

Death is nothing to be taken lightly. Just ask Huffington Post writer Tricia Fox or Microsoft who have recently faced criticism over their desire to tie in content to the death of singer Amy Winehouse.  Continue reading

Social Media Isn’t Soylent Green. It’s the Truth

There are a lot of social media gurus out there: some of whom I like; others that I can do without. It can be tricky for the social media neophyte to know where to turn when it comes to searching for advice.

I’m not here to recommend anyone. Nor am I going to even suggest that I am the be all and end all, but I can offer one simple suggestion: Embrace truth.

OK, I admit, that sounds like something Wham! would have worn on a day-glo T-shirt back in the day and some may think it’s simplistic, but I can say with full conviction that the best way to connect with an audience and to get your message out is the truth. Continue reading

Socialist Media or Capitalist Ideology? For Both Content Rules

By Jason Menard, 

Consider it a classic conundrum between capitalist ideals and social(ist) media – but no matter with which side you affiliate, quality content will always rule.

I saw both sides of the spectrum today: London Free Press reporter Kate Dubinski wrote a piece about the citizen journalist which I found betrayed a more-than-a-little condescending attitude towards bloggers and the like. At the very least, she is guilty of not displaying the balance that she advocates as a benefit of the newspaper industry, painting an awfully wide swath with one brush. Continue reading

Some Businesses Need a Kick in the Assets

By Jason Menard

To paraphrase John Hurt in the film The Elephant Man, “I am not a stakeholder, I am not an asset or a resource. I’m a human being. I… am… a… man.”

I’m Jay. Nice to meet you. However, if you go by the way businesses speak about its employees, one would think that people are no more important than the computer they’re working on, or the phone with which they’re calling you. Continue reading

Great Communication is Learned One Day at a Time, Not in One Day

By Jason Menard,

One day can help start you along the right path, but when it comes to learning how to effectively communicate, one day’s just enough time for you to learn how to firmly lodge your foot in your mouth.

Earlier today, I received an e-mail at work promoting a course that promised to teach you “How to be an Outstanding Communicator” in one day. And while normally I pay just enough attention to these e-mails – you know the ones you receive after attending one conference, and then you’re stuck in an e-mail list purgatory for years – to figure out what the course/conference topic is, and then file it under “G.”

However, this one struck me as particularly audacious. Or perhaps it’s just simple vanity – to suggest that a craft I’ve been trying to hone for two decades is something that can be mastered in a day bruised the ol’ ego. Continue reading