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Social Media Isn’t Soylent Green. It’s the Truth

There are a lot of social media gurus out there: some of whom I like; others that I can do without. It can be tricky for the social media neophyte to know where to turn when it comes to searching for advice.

I’m not here to recommend anyone. Nor am I going to even suggest that I am the be all and end all, but I can offer one simple suggestion: Embrace truth.

OK, I admit, that sounds like something Wham! would have worn on a day-glo T-shirt back in the day and some may think it’s simplistic, but I can say with full conviction that the best way to connect with an audience and to get your message out is the truth. Continue reading

Truth in Advertising a Winning Play

By Jason Menard

At last — truth in advertising! And from a sports franchise no less.

When it comes to businesses, sports are one of the least likely enterprises to engage in honesty — after all, a large part of a club’s revenue is generated, in one way or another, by selling their fan base on hope.

Hope sells jerseys. Hope sells tickets — and once those butts are in the seat, hope delivers them to the concession booth where hope justifies paying outrageous sums of money for watered-down beer, cheaply made clothing bearing the team’s logo, and seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time knick-knacks (which can easily be confused, if you’re in Madison Square Garden, with Knick Knacks.) Continue reading