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Dundas Flex Street Needs Some Muscle

By Jay Menard

You can flex all you want. If there’s no muscle behind it, no one’s taking a second look.

London’s council recently endorsed a $15.9-million plan to create Dundas Place — transitioning a stretch of Dundas St. from Wellington St. to the Thames River into a flex street.

The idea, is sound in principle. But while there’s been a lot of talk about transformation — an empty word that can be filled by any concept that fits your desires — there’s little talk about sustainability.

And that’s where the concern is.

I love the idea of a flex street. I’ve seen it work. But I don’t love the idea of a flex street as the first step in a process. Dundas Place has a strong “If you build it, they will come feel.”

And that’s true. They’ll come.


After that? You’ve got to give them a reason to keep coming back. Continue reading

Millennials? They’re Just Like Us — Wait and See

By Jason Menard

The focus on London’s urban planning seems to revolve around attracting and retaining the cherished millennial demographic: a young, tech-savvy, generation that’s eschewing cars, embracing public transportation, looking to live downtown, and focused on consolidating its living, entertainment, and dining options into a three-block radius.

Millennials: the name has changed, but the song remains the same.

In short, they’re me 20 years ago. Or my parents 40+ years ago. Or my grandparents 60+ years ago. And, chances are, they’re likely the same as you, your parents, and your grandparents were. Continue reading