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Singular Focus Leads Only to Multiple Problems

By Jason Menard,

I opened the paper today and I was amazed at what I read. It just seemed all so familiar.

A city, reeling from mayoral scandals and political impropriety, is concerned about how it’s going to retain its youth.

A city, with plenty of aging, empty industrial land within its core, finds growth success in the suburbs. While “A louer” signs abound in depressed, historically poorer areas of the traditional core, new megaplexes and commercial centres are sprouting up to support the burgeoning suburban communities.

In the same publication, a youth advocate states that citizens must be involved in each and every decision the government makes, and suggests that what the city really needs more of is candidates under the age of 30.

Les temps sont durs pour les jeunes,” a sub-headline reads. “… près de 19,000 jeunes de 15 à 24 ans avaient perdu leur emploi en juilliet.” Continue reading

Millennials? They’re Just Like Us — Wait and See

By Jason Menard

The focus on London’s urban planning seems to revolve around attracting and retaining the cherished millennial demographic: a young, tech-savvy, generation that’s eschewing cars, embracing public transportation, looking to live downtown, and focused on consolidating its living, entertainment, and dining options into a three-block radius.

Millennials: the name has changed, but the song remains the same.

In short, they’re me 20 years ago. Or my parents 40+ years ago. Or my grandparents 60+ years ago. And, chances are, they’re likely the same as you, your parents, and your grandparents were. Continue reading