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Condemn to Death? No. But There May Be Another Option

By Jason Menard

As we enter the sentencing (and, likely, the appeals) phase of the Tori Stafford murder trial, the flames of passion sparked by our collective disgust at the crime have ignited the debate over capital punishment in this country.

There are Facebook pages gathering supporters for the now-convicted murderer to be given the death penalty. Others who have previously never entertained the concept now question whether some people are just beyond any sort of rehabilitation. Continue reading

Is Well-Intended Anti-Bullying Pledge Just Empty Words?

By Jason Menard

The old adage states that actions speak louder than words. Until schools, police, and parents are willing to get tough on bullies, I fear that this latest anti-bullying endeavour – the Pledge to End Bullying – will amount to nothing more than empty words.

Essentially, the pledge states one’s belief that everyone in the community has a right to feel safe and that “I pledge to be respectful of others and stand up against bullying whenever and wherever I see it.”

Nice words. Great sentiment. But the ones who most need to follow those rules won’t be the ones lining up to take this pledge. If this sounds familiar, perhaps because it’s very similar to a piece I wrote in the Ottawa Citizen in May regarding a much-more graphic anti-sexual assault campaign. Continue reading

Time to Throw the Book at Distracted Drivers

By Jason Menard,

When it comes to assault with a deadly weapon, should we add paperbacks to the list?

I’m not talking about getting a serious infection thanks to a particularly nasty paper cut. Nor am I talking about the danger of walking into a really sturdy street sign whilst reading a particularly engaging novel (not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything…)

No, I’m talking about being behind the wheel of a 2,300-kilogram vehicle hurtling down the highway at speeds exceeding 100 km/h, all the while deeply engaged in the latest bestseller. Would that qualify? Continue reading