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Mob Behaviour, Online and Off, Vancouver’s Legacy

By Jason Menard,

Vancouver’s legacy won’t be one of shattered glass and the residual stench of long-died-out flames; instead, the post-Stanley Cup riots will be a defining event in using social media to combat mob behaviour.

Unfortunately, what’s started as a good story of an on-line community rallying around its city to bring a group of cowards to justice is rapidly becoming a cautionary tale about the lure of anonymity both online and off.  Continue reading

Time to Throw the Book at Distracted Drivers

By Jason Menard,

When it comes to assault with a deadly weapon, should we add paperbacks to the list?

I’m not talking about getting a serious infection thanks to a particularly nasty paper cut. Nor am I talking about the danger of walking into a really sturdy street sign whilst reading a particularly engaging novel (not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything…)

No, I’m talking about being behind the wheel of a 2,300-kilogram vehicle hurtling down the highway at speeds exceeding 100 km/h, all the while deeply engaged in the latest bestseller. Would that qualify? Continue reading