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Bands Not Subject to Murphy’s Law for Glee

By Jason Menard,

For a show called Glee, there’s certainly a lot of anger surrounding this show floating around the Internet — a lot of anger, but a stunning lack of common sense.

At the heart of it stands show creator Ryan Murphy, who taken up the standard for his show and, like a protective parent, is fighting back against those who don’t think his brainchild is the greatest thing in the world. In his crosshairs: Kings of Leon and Slash, formerly of Guns ‘n Roses. Continue reading

Today’s Music is Offensive? Take a Spin of Mom and Dad’s Records

By Jason Menard

People in the future may look back on this generation’s youth and be shocked at the level of misogyny, violence, and overt sexuality in today’s music. But, you know what? I’d rather bear that cross than the one that should be applied to the generation directly before mine: pedophiles.

When you take a close listen to the lyrics of some of the songs from the generations preceding my birth in 1973 and they truly put the Sick in Sixties and made the Fifties filthy! Continue reading

It’s Time to Make Snowbird, Anne Murray, Extinct

By Jason Menard,

It’s time to make Anne Murray pay.

For too long, the Doyenne of Canadian chanteuses has gotten off scot-free for her heinous crimes. For too long, our radio airwaves have turned a deaf ear to her wicked ways. For too long, our innocent children have been led astray by her sweet, soothing voice into untold levels of depravity. Continue reading

In Defense of Snooki, Justin, and Historical Trashiness

By Jason Menard

If one person’s trash truly is another’s treasure, then I can only imagine how valuable people like Snooki and Justin Bieber might be in the future.

In Beebs’ case, we’ve just concluded the traditional end-of-year reviews by people who delight in nothing more than proving how cool they are by trashing anything that’s popular. With Snooki, star of MTV’s Jersey Shore, she’s been on the receiving end of countless slings and arrows due to the publication of her novel, A Shore Thing. Continue reading

Lennon’s Latter-Day Lessons Also Lost 30 Years Ago Today

By Jason Menard,

On this day, 30 years ago, the world lost one of its most influential poets. And while today’s a day to remember the life and music of John Lennon, it’s also a time for those of us approaching a certain age to consider what else we lost on Dec. 8, 1980.

I was only seven when Lennon was murdered in front of his New York home, so his passing didn’t even factor into my life. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-to-late teens that I discovered The Beatles – and it was very soon after that first exposure that I firmly became a John fan. Continue reading