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Standing Up for What You Believe Sometimes Means Swallowing a Sour Cherry

By Jason Menard

As nauseating as Don Cherry’s “puke” comments were, all the calls to fire him for his statements are misguided. And for those who have tired of the flamboyant former coach’s bombast, the best way to deal with it is to put him on ice.

You don’t like what Cherry has to say, or how he chooses to say it, don’t tune in on Saturday nights. Turn off the TV during intermission, or change the channel altogether and, perhaps, find a game on TSN.

If enough people do this, then the tall foreheads at the CBC will get the point. Instead, thousands will play right into Cherry’s hands, tune in specifically to watch what he says, and everyone goes home happy – except the viewer. Continue reading

It’s Time to Make Snowbird, Anne Murray, Extinct

By Jason Menard,

It’s time to make Anne Murray pay.

For too long, the Doyenne of Canadian chanteuses has gotten off scot-free for her heinous crimes. For too long, our radio airwaves have turned a deaf ear to her wicked ways. For too long, our innocent children have been led astray by her sweet, soothing voice into untold levels of depravity. Continue reading

Stafford Case Prompts Question of Right Versus Need to Know

By Jason Menard

Should there ever be a point when protecting the public’s need to know gets tempered by what the public truly needs to know?

Today the Supreme Court of Canada upheld an earlier decision to partially lift a publication ban in the Tori Stafford murder case. As a result, we’ve learned that Terri-Lynne McClintic pleaded guilty in April to first-degree murder charges that will see her serve 25-to-life in prison. Continue reading