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Don’t Get Mad. Who is Paul McCartney Twitter Trend Is Just Us, Years Later

By Jason Menard,

What is true greatness? It’s simple to define if you just reduce it to a mathematical equation. Greatness is equal to the exposure of the dominant market at any given time.

That’s why I don’t understand why certain segments of the Twitterverse are acting so incredulously over the fact that #whoispaulmccartney is trending. To the people who dominate the world of Twitter, The Beatles are a band of their parents’ – or grandparents’ generation.

But the biggest question isn’t #whoispaulmccartney, but rather, #whyarewecriticisingourkidsforbeingjustlikeus? Continue reading

Bieber Vid Critics Put the Hip in Hypocrisy

By Jason Menard,

Maybe I’m mellowing with age or maybe I don’t find the sport in shooting fish in a barrel, but I find that I’m more disgusted by the behaviour of the mockers than the mockees. Interestingly, it’s a video about some people’s complete lack of perspective that’s solidified my perspective – and it proves that in some people’s desperation to appear hip, they’re oblivious to their own hypocrisy.

This YouTube video of a bunch of Mexican girls going into histrionics over the fact that a Justin Bieber concert sold out has already started making the rounds. And, without fail, the critics came out with all guns blazing. Continue reading

In Defense of Snooki, Justin, and Historical Trashiness

By Jason Menard

If one person’s trash truly is another’s treasure, then I can only imagine how valuable people like Snooki and Justin Bieber might be in the future.

In Beebs’ case, we’ve just concluded the traditional end-of-year reviews by people who delight in nothing more than proving how cool they are by trashing anything that’s popular. With Snooki, star of MTV’s Jersey Shore, she’s been on the receiving end of countless slings and arrows due to the publication of her novel, A Shore Thing. Continue reading