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Keep Your Biases Where I Can See ‘em – Or Step Out of the Kitchen

By Jason Menard

I like to keep the wackos where I can see them.

Call me strange, but I’ve always preferred to have racists and bigots, misogynists and misandrists, crackpots and whack jobs out in public. I’m not afraid of the guy who posts pro-NAZI propaganda on his Web site. Him I can avoid and at least I know where he stands. What scares me more are the people who keep their biases to themselves – they’re the ones that are the most dangerous because you never see them coming. Continue reading

Stafford Case Prompts Question of Right Versus Need to Know

By Jason Menard

Should there ever be a point when protecting the public’s need to know gets tempered by what the public truly needs to know?

Today the Supreme Court of Canada upheld an earlier decision to partially lift a publication ban in the Tori Stafford murder case. As a result, we’ve learned that Terri-Lynne McClintic pleaded guilty in April to first-degree murder charges that will see her serve 25-to-life in prison. Continue reading