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Internet Anonymity and Cowardice a Weighty Issue

By Jason Menard

Internet anonymity is normally a wonderful thing: it allows whistle blowers to expose corporate evils and it enables people to share their true feelings without fear of reprisal. Unfortunately, that anonymity also affords cowards a set of cojones they wouldn’t otherwise have.

On the Internet that anonymity also seems to exponentially amplify the cruelty and insensitivity that people have. It’s not a new phenomenon, but recent on-line comments and having a nine-year-old daughter have combined to make me more aware of the impact of this behaviour. Continue reading

Bieber Vid Critics Put the Hip in Hypocrisy

By Jason Menard,

Maybe I’m mellowing with age or maybe I don’t find the sport in shooting fish in a barrel, but I find that I’m more disgusted by the behaviour of the mockers than the mockees. Interestingly, it’s a video about some people’s complete lack of perspective that’s solidified my perspective – and it proves that in some people’s desperation to appear hip, they’re oblivious to their own hypocrisy.

This YouTube video of a bunch of Mexican girls going into histrionics over the fact that a Justin Bieber concert sold out has already started making the rounds. And, without fail, the critics came out with all guns blazing. Continue reading