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For the One Person Who Misses the Point

By Jason Menard

It’s true that you’re never going to please everyone. But the day that you stop trying — or, even worse — stop listening — is the day that go from working to make things better to only making things better for yourself.

I’m not one of those who genuflects before the altar of Seth Godin, but I appreciate his insight and respect his experience, abilities, and intelligence. But as with anyone who engenders such a devoted following, the potential negative impact of his posts can have far-reaching effects.

Especially amongst those who use his gravitas as justifications for a misinterpreted message. Continue reading

Critically Speaking

By Jason Menard

Name-calling, turning one’s back to the person, folding one’s arms, picking up one’s toys and going home – these behaviours are common on the schoolyard playground. Sadly, these behaviours, or their electronic equivalent, are just as prominent on the Internet.

The question isn’t “have we lost our ability to engage in and accept criticism?” The question should be, “when did we, as a society, lose that ability?” Continue reading