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World Figure Skating Championship’s Legacy of Opportunity, Learning

By Jason Menard

Amidst the lament of shopkeeps in the downtown area and discussions of empty seats at early events, some are question what the World Figure Skating Championships mean to London, Ontario.

The simple answer? Potential. Hope. A future.

And, most importantly, opportunity — to both build upon the foundation set by successfully staging a global event and to learn from our mistakes. Continue reading

Canada’s London Has an Inferiority Complex

By Jason Menard

The eyes of the world will be on London in just a few short weeks — and it appears that our civic inferiority complex will be on full display.

Highlighted by a laser light show; edged with spray-painted trees, and bankrolled to the tune of $100,000, we’re going to take the opportunity to share with the figure-skating world that we are London — just not that one.

Sorry. Continue reading