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London Fringe — Vision Quest a Welcome Twist on Traditional Tricks

By Jay Menard

London-born magician Lupi puts a new twist on some traditional tricks in Vision Quest. Actually, that may not be completely accurate — Lupi embraces his traditional roots to add new flair to some familiar magical acts. And in the end, he is able to present something that feels completely fresh, innovative, and wholly entertaining.

Lupi is Chippewa of the Thames-born and states early on in the production that he has been endeavouring to teach himself the values of the Ojibwe. Over a pulsing soundtrack of A Tribe Called Red, Lupi integrates stories from the Mishomis Book: Voices of the Ojibway (sic) into his magical presentation.

If you think this adds depth to each and every trick during the show, you’ll be floored by the end of the show when you see how the seemingly independent acts are interrelated. It’s a welcome twist on traditional magic and the fact that we, as a heavily invested and involved crowd, get there together is a testament to Lupi’s skill. Continue reading