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London Fringe — Thunderfoot: Moving Art, in Every Sense of the Word

By Jay Menard

Thunderfoot, by Aaron Malkin, is more than just a mere performance — it is moving art, in every sense of the word.

Thunderfoot can best be described as living, breathing, art. Malkin, who is known to Fringe viewers as one half of the James and Jamesy duo (he’s the taller, less hirsute, James), uses his body as a brush — painting imagery with his movements and leaving behind a tableau upon which his story is told.

It’s truly beautiful to watch and the precision and delicacy of his movements leave nothing — and everything — to the imagination. The set is barren, but Malkin, through nothing more than making sounds and using his body to “draw” the environment. He creates images, using the power of our imagination, that are as real and persistent as any wood-and-paint set.

It’s a play based on movement; and it’s a play that moves you to the core.

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