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London Fringe – The Sweetest, Funniest, and Most Uplifting Morning After the Life Before

By Jay Menard

Often, when it comes to great social issues, we don’t fully understand the importance of what we say and what we do. We vote in isolation — understanding, conceptually, the topic at hand; we choose based on our values and how we define community. But for many of us, the end result is often separated by a degree or so.

For the topic of gay marriage, many of us have friends, family, or colleagues who are gay. Many of us support the cause — or have even been to a few weddings. But for those of us who are not gay, there remains that degree of separation. We can know what’s right; we can know what’s good — but to understand is something different.

LK Theatre’s The Morning After the Life Before tears down that barrier in a production that’s at once funny, sweet, endearing, and heart-wrenching. Ann Blake and Lucia Smyth seamlessly interweave characters, locations, topics, and times in a production that’s a delight to see. Continue reading