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London Fringe — The Charming Cheat is a Polished Portrayal of a Convivial Con Man

By Jay Menard

The Charming Cheat offers a modern twist on some classic conjuring. It’s a polished production that will delight viewers of all ages.

Michael Fisher introduces London Fringe audiences to Corbin, the Charming Cheat — a convivial con man whose act has clearly been honed to almost perfection. Impeccable timing, smooth banter, and smooth delivery are hallmarks of each and every trick.

Corbin looks the part and plays the part of a turn-of-the -20th century con man. Appear straight out of the days of the snake oil salesman, Corbin shares his twist on some classic examples of the art of deception: the shell game, three-card monte, sleight-of-hand tricks, and reading tells. Continue reading