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A Healthy Attitude Towards Sex Education Must Include Realism

By Jay Menard,

It’s out there. And burying my head — or any other protruding body part — in the sand isn’t going to make it go away. So instead of arguing against the proposed Liberal Health and Physical Education curriculum, perhaps we should spend more time thinking about how we, as parents, should support and reinforce it.

We can all say it’s a parent’s responsibility to educate his or her children about these issues — and I don’t disagree. Of course, not all parents are going to. And not all parents are able to. Continue reading

Why I Don’t Care Who (or How) the Mountie Mounted

By Jason Menard

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t care who — or how — the Mountie has mounted. And unless he abused his authority, neither should anyone else.

The RCMP in British Columbia has launched a code-of-conduct investigation of one of its own, following the on-line publication of sexually explicit photos of an officer. And if this investigation fails to turn up anything suggesting that this officer used his position in an inappropriate way to coerce sexual favours out of partners, then I certainly hope that our BDSM Mountie turns around and spanks the RCMP in a court of law. Continue reading

Clothed-Minded Parents Wrongfully Fearful of Sexuality

By Jason Menard

How am I not gay?

Seriously. I mean, I’ve dressed up as a woman TWICE in my life: once in my mid-20s on Hallowe’en and once, way back when I was 17, and we went to a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Actually, I guess I was dressing as a man, who dressed like a woman, but you get the point. Continue reading