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Go Ahead and Cross the Floor MPs. Just Ask First

By Jason Menard

What’s that old adage? Two wrongs don’t make a right? As good-intentioned as the Cross the Floor petition may be, encouraging elected representatives to bastardize the voices given to them by the Canadian electorate can’t be condoned.

I don’t think it will come as a shock to anyone familiar with my writing that I’m not exactly a Conservative supporter. I’ve long considered myself socially and culturally liberal, but fiscally conservative. Continue reading

Time, Support Required to Make Mercer’s Rant a Reality

By Jason Menard

While having more people of prominence come out may help prevent tragedies like Jamie Hubley’s suicide, it’s going to take time and understanding to help people take those first brave steps out of the closet.

Recently Rick Mercer discussed why people in positions of power and influence should publicly come out of the closet. And while this would be a huge step forward in helping gay teens, I certainly can’t fault anyone who decides to keep their sexuality under wraps. Continue reading

Pair Vote, Vote Mob Misguided Solutions to a Bigger Problem

By Jason Menard

Two political events designed to stop a Conservative majority are noble in intent, but are simply two wastes of valuable time and votes, which really only work in an ideal world. Instead, these actions actually have the potential to do more damage to the Canadian election process and represent short-sighted solutions to much deeper problems.

Pair Vote represents everything that’s wrong with federal politics. First, it claims that its intent is “to prevent a false majority by the Conservatives.” The Conservatives have not had a majority, false or otherwise, since they’ve been in power. They have a plurality – there’s a big difference. Continue reading