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Only One Answer for Newtown Questions: Evil Exists

By Jason Menard

I’ve always followed one key rule when I write a column — don’t just make a comment without offering a solution. But there are no answers to the tragedy that befell Newtown, Connecticut yesterday. Well, there is one — it’s just one we don’t want to face and try to obscure with justification, motivation, and explanations.

The headline on CNN.com asked, “Why? Why?” The sad truth is that there are no good answers to that question. Continue reading

Chris Brown and the Heaping Side Order of Hypocrisy

By Jason Menard

I have a confession to make: when it comes to music appreciation, I’m a hypocrite. A big, huge, hippo-sized hypocrite. I’m the Hippocrates of Hypocrites. And I have Chris Brown to thank for this realization.

Music appreciation, in many ways, is like eating. As we get older, our palettes become at once both more refined and more expansive. But unlike food, music – and for the sake of argument we can extend this to all of the arts – is a personality influenced medium. Continue reading

One Type of Homicide Not Justifiable; But it’s Certainly Understandable

By Jason Menard

Like Michael once said to Paul, “I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

I don’t believe in violence as a solution to conflict.

I don’t believe in guns as I firmly believe that they have no other purpose than to kill. Continue reading

Je Me Souviens

By Jason Menard,

On this date, in 1989, we lost 14 women at the École Polytechnique massacre in Montreal, QC.

Unfortunately, too many people remember the name of the gunman; not enough remember the names of the women we lost. You will not see the gunman’s name here. Continue reading