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London Fringe — Delamont’s Dropped “God” But Shows Much More Soul

By Jay Menard

For years, Mike Delamont has elicited tears from his audience — tears of laughter and tears of joy. As the cross-dressing deity with a brogue, Delamont has delighted fans and sent them home with a smile on their lips and (unfortunately) that damn Proclaimers’ song in their hearts.

Delamont again elicits a strong reaction with his new show, Mike Delamont: Mama’s Boy — but the tears are of sadness, commiseration, and pathos. And as he finishes with a mournful rendition of The Nylon’s Rock and Roll Lullabye, the audience is left with a feeling of connection, appreciation, and a strong desire to call your mom. Continue reading

FRINGE 2015 — A Divine Comedy

By Jay Menard

John Lennon once sang, “God is a concept by which we measure our pain.” Thank goodness Mike Delamont’s God is a Scottish Drag Queen — currently in its second iteration — wasn’t around in 1970, because there’s no way the Bard of Mersey could have sang those words with a straight face.

Continue reading