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London Fringe – Jon Bennett’s Hilarious Death by PowerPoint

By Jay Menard

Jon Bennett is a masterful storyteller and his latest show, My Dad’s Deaths, shows a continuation of his incredible talent and depth. It’s a hilarious presentation combining stand-up, archival video, and poetry.

A veteran of the circuit, Bennett is most known for Pretending Things are a Cock — a venture that served to disappoint his stern father to no end. Bennett shares the story of growing up on a pig farm in Australia, where his father was the central figure in his life — in addition to being a father, he was the local minister, his teacher, and his coach. His father oversaw all aspects of his life, but had a self-professed distaste for jokes.

Bennett is an engaging storyteller who immediately puts you at ease and has you laughing from the start. He’s a professional at his craft and even the most disturbing stories are told in a way that cause the audience to laugh uproariously. Continue reading