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St. Thomas Aquinas Teachers’ Petition Is a Familiar Issue

By Jason Menard,

In trying to hush the teachers of St. Thomas Aquinas, the London District Catholic School Board may have inadvertently drawing much-needed attention to a long-running story.

Administrators across the city should be quaking in their boots as it’s not just at the Catholic high school where the student inmates are running the asylum. And it’s time for school boards to support their front-line workers – the teachers who are increasingly fighting a battle against their students with their hands bound by administrative lunacy.  Continue reading

Pride Prom Need Shows Most Students Have Precious Little for Which to be Proud

By Jason Menard

Tonight, students from across the city of London will gather together to celebrate the end of their high school years and look forward to the future.

And let me be amongst the first to apologize to them. Continue reading