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Chewing on Core Ideas of Food Trucks (or I Did Not Realize Those Wheels Were Just for Decoration)

By Jay Menard

With the way the food truck debate in London has gone on, I’m surprised to find these vehicles still have wheels.

After all, there seems to be little interest amongst many of the proponents in seeing them go anywhere but downtown.

If you listen to the debates, explore the distances and limits discussed, and hear the concerns, it’s all from those in the downtown. But what’s missing — as it usually is in London debates — is the awareness that there’s a city beyond the core.

And there’s a consumer base that would love to support food trucks on a regular basis. Continue reading

A Successful London? Stop Swinging for the Fences and Focus on Fundamental Small Ball

By Jason Menard

Instead of swinging for the fences and missing, London needs to play small ball, work on the fundamentals, and build a winning team.

For many baseball fans, there is nothing like the spectacle of a home run. But if that round-tripper comes in a losing cause, then what’s the point? Bunting, advancing the runners, and hitting-and-running may not make the highlight reels, but it will help you win.

And in the end that’s all that matters. Continue reading