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HootSuite’s Prank? It’s Funny ‘Cuz It Could Be True

By Jason Menard,

HootSuite’s April Fool’s email prank worked because it preyed on two things: one of our greatest fears and one of our greatest weaknesses.

Many HootSuite users received an email, ostensibly from Ryan Holmes, the CEO of HootSuite, which outlined the company’s proposed move to social gaming with its new application Happy Owls. Continue reading

E-Gads — Lamenting a Hyphen’s Loss

By Jason Menard

Hope you’re enjoying your uhmail.

As you can see, I’m not enamoured with the Associated Press’ decision last week to drop the hyphen out of the term e-mail. Generally, I’m all in favour of the modernization of language and I’m by no means a prescriptive grammarian.

But I think the AP – and the majority of my colleagues who support this move – got this one wrong. Continue reading