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At What Cost Idealism?

By Jason Menard

Heritage advocates in this city can’t not pay for their cake and expect not only to eat it, but for the baker to decorate it in exactly the fashion they want. At some point, we have to put our money where our ideals are.

I think you would have a hard time finding people who would oppose a City of London with full-capacity commercial towers, restored and vibrant heritage buildings that pay homage to their legacies while serving to build our city’s future, and fully protected green spaces representative of the beauty of our community’s soul.

I also think you will have an equally hard time finding people who are willing to pay for it. Continue reading

Downtown Sign Issue Highlights Need to Create a Bigger Flap

By Jason Menard

Should Shmuel Fahri take down the gaudy ‘For Sale’ and ‘For Rent’ signs that have papered the City of London’s downtown core? Yes – but only if he promises to put bigger and better ones up in their place.

In fact, if the noise caused by the flapping signs is an issue, I’d recommend Fahri simply repaint the entire exterior of his buildings with the words “Space for Rent/Sale.” And use big, garish, gaudy neon colours that will shine in the night. Continue reading