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Language Lessons

By Jay Menard

What’s more important? Using one’s voice or being able to listen? When it comes to trying to engage a diverse, but largely fragmented, public, we need to focus on a few key language lessons.

Even more important than the act of listening is the ability to understand. It’s where we often fall short and where more of our efforts need to fall. Continue reading

For London to Thrive, Some Bubbles Need to Burst

By Jason Menard,

It turns out that, as we get older, those so-called bubbles don’t disappear. In fact, they grow more plentiful — and more insular. But for London to thrive, those bubbles need to burst.

In many cases, I consider myself an outsider on the inside. I believe it gives me a unique perspective, in both life and business, but by no means do I consider myself unique.

That statement may seem paradoxical, but it’s a perfect statement to explain why we, as a city, need to be aware not just of our experiences, but also of our self-imposed limitations. Continue reading

City of Opportunity? No. But On-Line London Reveals a City of Hope

By Jason Menard

Despite what the cookie-cutter, 70s-esque jingle implies, London is not the City of Opportunity right now. Job losses, civic despair, a fractured council, and an old-and-white reputation have all combined to make the Forest City appear as bleak as its leafless trees.

But London, Ontario does have one thing going for it – hope. Continue reading

My World Does Not Include Random Acts of Kindness Day

By Jason Menard

I have chosen to boycott today’s Random Acts of Kindness Day despite being a willing participant in the activities. It’s not that I have anything against it; I just don’t see the need.

But maybe I’m living in a world and holding onto ideals that no longer exist. Continue reading