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Posties’ Problem? They’re Wearing the Wrong Type of Uniform

By Jason Menard

The problem with Canada Post? They don’t throw deliveries through a hoop into your mailbox or have to feint past a postal opponent to shoot your mail into a community box. If they had, supporters would have welcomed them back with open arms – a case we’ve seen repeated over and over in the sporting world.

The postal lock-out has now been over for a week, thanks to back-to-work legislation from the federal government. Despite the filibustering efforts of the NDP, the Conservatives finally got their chance to use a majority – and they did. Continue reading

Canada Post Mailing it In on Customer Strike Response

By Jason Menard

One of the dangers of social media is that everyone suddenly becomes a spokesperson for your brand. This danger is intensified when something is increasing the social temperature of an organization – like the inflammatory nature of a strike.

Look no further than the build-up to a potential strike by Canada Post. This is an organization that already takes a fair beating on its social media networks, including Facebook, from disgruntled customers. And now, with the drums beats hearkening a potential strike on the 25th of this month, customers are looking for a place to vent their frustrations. Continue reading