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London Fringe — Joyous Bella Culpa Combines Hilarity and Grace in Movement

By Jay Menard

Bella Culpa — at least according to the Googles — translates as “Beautiful Fault,” and the latest Fringe production by Portland, OR-based A Little Bit Off is a rollicking comedy of “errors” that showcase two masters of modern slapstick.

David Cantor and Amica Hunter play a pair of servants in an Edwardian manor. They wait for the call and command of their off-stage mistress (who delivers her orders in a most Charlie-Brown-parent sort of way.) It is in the execution of these orders — and during the times in between — that hilarity ensues.

The show is a delight for the children in the audience. One young girl in the front row was thoroughly engaged and laughed uproariously throughout. To their credit, Cantor and Hunter acknowledged and incorporated her youthful enthusiasm throughout the production. But it’s by no means a childish show and the adults in the crowd clearly appreciate the humour and technical and physical expertise. Continue reading