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Don’t be Too Hard on Sloane. We Were All Like Her Once

By Jason Menard

I know exactly who Cathryn Sloane is, even though I’ve never met her. I know exactly what she thinks, why she thinks it, and what her strengths are. But unlike Cathryn Sloane, I also know what her weaknesses are.

The reason why? Because I once was Cathryn Sloane. Continue reading

Does Free-Market Reluctance Betray Fear of Who We Really Are?

By Jason Menard

As you’ve likely heard, McDain’s has drawn a line in the sandbox – tomorrow the Monroeville, PA restaurant will start enforcing its no-children-under-six policy. While many adults are stomping their feet, threatening to take their toys home, or calling in an adult (in this case, a lawyer), there’s one thing that people seem to be unwilling to explore.

That’s letting the market decide what the market wants. But are we too afraid to let the market speak for itself in case it eventually reveals something we don’t want to see.  Continue reading