London Fringe – Fool Muun Komming: Not Quite Full, but Potential to Wax

By Jay Menard

Fool Muun Komming is fringey. Not quite able to be defined; not quite finished; but certainly representative of the oddball quirk that only Fringe theatre can provide.

Steve Day plays an alien who is coming to Earth on a crash course for a first-contact meeting of two peoples. Of course, there’s a good chance that the asteroid that Day is riding will destroy the very people that he’s excited to meet — but that point escapes him.

The alien has been inundated with Earthly culture through the miracle of sound and audio waves. He’s a card-carrying member of the YouTube generation with a fairly passable command of the English language — even if the subtleties of language sometimes escape him.

Fool Muun Komming often feels random just for the sake of being random. It’s quirky, but often with no direction. Day channels his inner Ed Grimley in terms of movement, with a side order of Jim Carrey as it relates to reactions.

The play is still a work in progress, Day admits, with changes coming on a nightly basis. It wanes (pun fully intended) in the middle part of the production and it seems to be missing both a connecting thread and a sense of resolution. Of course, that may be the intent as sometime life, and the events that define it, don’t have a greater purpose.

Fool Muun Komming is periodically entertaining, with the potential to become something more. Hopefully this initial foray is just representative of this Fool Muun’s waxing phase.

*** — three stars out of five

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