London Fringe – James & Jamesy Shine Brighter than Ever

By Jay Menard

James & Jamesy are back, returning their James & Jamesy In the Dark show to the McManus Theatre. And this remount, with two years of refinement under its belt, shines brighter than ever and will undoubtedly be  a clear highlight of the Fringe again.

The duo, who have brought their 2 for Tea and High Tea shows to London Fringe in the past, present a masterclass in simplicity, elegance, and comedic refinement, that’s only amplified by its sweetness and warmth.

The story, basically, is about a he and a he, toiling away in individuality, until the he and he suddenly become a they. They are joined by us. And then we all become a we in the now. A now we’ll always have, even if we aren’t always a we.

It makes sense when you see it.

The stage, such as it is, is sparsely set, with nothing more than a pair of chairs, a black backdrop, and the two principles — all dressed matching grey suits, white facepaint… and, of course, giant lamps on their heads.

The stage is set by setting the stage (again, it’ll make sense when you see it), but the true entertainment is in the subtlety. At times reminiscent of the vocal and artistic style of La Linea, whilst other times channelling the best of Abbott and Costello, the duo perform physical and linguistic gymnastics that are at once wonderfully subtle and intricately complex.

Just the simple movement of a finger is enough to entrance the audience and elicit peals of laughter.

James & Jamesy in the Dark is a shining example of everything that’s right about Fringe. Don’t miss it.

***** – Five Stars out of Five

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