Fringe Review 2016 – The Tale of Two Tailors – A Lively Look at a Classic Tale

By Jay Menard

Rabbit Moon Theatre’s presentation of The Tale of Two Tailors is a raucous romp through a familiar fable that’s sure to delight young and old alike.

The Tale of Two Tailors is a presentation of Hans Christian Andersen’s Emperor’s New Clothes fable that has been told and retold countless times. But the dynamic acting, the wink-and-nod asides, and the general enthusiasm of three actors presenting this well-known tale ensures that the Tale of Two Tailors feels fresh and engaging.

It’s a play targeted towards youth and is bright and vibrant, with enthusiastic call-and-response opportunities, sparkly flags, and bombastic humour that kids are sure to love. But adults also find themselves immersed in the experience. It’s a play designed for children, it can be silly and frivolous, but it never becomes childish.

And don’t worry – as the program says, there’s no full-frontal nudity, despite the subject matter. But there are sparkly heart boxers a-plenty!

2 thoughts on “Fringe Review 2016 – The Tale of Two Tailors – A Lively Look at a Classic Tale

  1. Marcia

    It was mildly entertaining in the first 10 minutes but sadly became tedious. The female and the Emporer were the best as far as trying to be energetic. . Sadly it became tedious and my 4 yr old asked how much longer it would be. There wasn’t enough to keep children or adults entertained. Also $10 is a lot for children to have to pay.. A small request to keep the market open while the Fringe is on would be good.

  2. Marcia

    Stared out energetic but lacked the ability to keep anyone entertained. After about 10 minutes there was no laughter and it became tedious. We will disappointed as this is the only play suitable for children . As well $10 is too much to charge children and it isn’t appealing to adults Sorry that I wasted 2 tickets when I could’ve seen better fringe plays.


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