FRINGE 2015 – Bitte Schon Die Roten Punkte

By Jay Menard

Musical parody can be a sketchy proposition. It can grow tired quickly, it can descend into absolute silliness, and the music itself can leave much to be desired. But when it works, it’s magic — and the “German” power-punk duo Die Roten Punkte weave a show that’s so magical it must leave Siegfried and Roy* weeping in envy.

(*note if you take offense to the inclusion of a Siegfried and Roy reference, I invite you to find a commonly known German magician to use to adequately fulfill this extended reference in the lead!)

Die Roten Punkte skewer the pretentiousness, hyperbolic self-importance, and pure cheese factor of power rock bands with their one-hour show. Using clever (and shockingly catchy) songs, hilarious banter, audience involvement, double entendres, and a healthy dose of sibling rivalry, the duo has crafted a show that keeps you laughing from the opening riff to long after the final note fades away.

Their name, which translated means “The Red Dots” is a play on The White Stripes. The costuming and brother-sister dynamic is also a nod to the duo’s initial professing to be siblings. But Die Roten Punkte has grown to be a worthy show of its own.

The band infuses physical, lyrical, and verbal comedy throughout the performance. The musicianship is incredible, and there’s even a keytar!

Die Roten Punkte’s show is billed with the sub-heading Best Band in the World. When it comes to musical comedy, they’re right up there with Spinal Tap and worthy of being turned up to 11.

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