A Channel’s Manic Monday

By Jason Menard

What are you doing Monday night? Hopefully you’ll have already been to the polls to cast a well-informed vote. So perhaps you’d like to spend a few moments during the evening of May 2nd to check out how the election is progressing?

May I invite you to tune into London’s A-Channel. I’ve been invited by local writer and tech guru extraordinaire Carmi Levy to participate in an exciting venture in support of the local station’s coverage.

A few of us social-networks savvy types will be gathering at the Covent Garden Market, laptops and wireless devices in hand, before an array of TV screens, monitoring the elections from a social media standpoint.

If you’re in the area, we’d love for you to tune in! You can also follow all the action on-line:

Now, I know there’s a new House on and a new How I Met Your Mother. I get it — election coverage isn’t for everyone. (I’ve always found it interesting that many of the people who criticize those sports fanatics who watch drafts have no problem spending hours watching the election results crawl in…), but this should be an interesting experience, so if you’re planning on flipping back and forth between your show and the elections, may I ask you to flip to (not flip off…) A-London.

I hope you’ll join us, at least from time to time. There’s a good mix of political junkies, neophytes, and people in between. You’ll get different ideas, opinions, and thoughts from the four corners of the Canadian Internet — and beyond!

Check us out and, above all, get out and cast an informed vote!

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