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For London to Thrive, Some Bubbles Need to Burst

By Jason Menard,

It turns out that, as we get older, those so-called bubbles don’t disappear. In fact, they grow more plentiful — and more insular. But for London to thrive, those bubbles need to burst.

In many cases, I consider myself an outsider on the inside. I believe it gives me a unique perspective, in both life and business, but by no means do I consider myself unique.

That statement may seem paradoxical, but it’s a perfect statement to explain why we, as a city, need to be aware not just of our experiences, but also of our self-imposed limitations. Continue reading

City of Opportunity? No. But On-Line London Reveals a City of Hope

By Jason Menard

Despite what the cookie-cutter, 70s-esque jingle implies, London is not the City of Opportunity right now. Job losses, civic despair, a fractured council, and an old-and-white reputation have all combined to make the Forest City appear as bleak as its leafless trees.

But London, Ontario does have one thing going for it – hope. Continue reading

My World Does Not Include Random Acts of Kindness Day

By Jason Menard

I have chosen to boycott today’s Random Acts of Kindness Day despite being a willing participant in the activities. It’s not that I have anything against it; I just don’t see the need.

But maybe I’m living in a world and holding onto ideals that no longer exist. Continue reading